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Prescribe controlled substances safer and smarter with advanced analytics, compliance workflows, and lightning-fast reporting.

Built by a practicing pain physician

Scriptulate controlled substance monitoring solution
Scriptulate controlled substance monitoring solution
Scriptulate doctor prescribing opioids to patient with a PDMP

Spend time helping your patients, not worrying about compliance

Every tool you need to prescribe responsibly in one intuitive, beautiful workflow. Scriptulate helps you to optimize your decisions, increase revenues, and protect your patients.


A powerful interface, designed by doctors

The premiere suite of tools for every step of the prescribing process

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Scriptulate means safer and smarter prescribing for...

Patient safely using opioids


Fewer healthcare mistakes

Decreased overprescribing

Increased doctor facetime

Better monitoring and follow-up care

Prescribing doctor using Scriptulate


Decreased professional risks

Unmatched data visibility

Streamlined compliance workflows

Way less administrative work

Hospital administrator managing with Scriptulate


Reduced malpractice costs

Simple, standardized workflows

One-click comprehensive reporting

Decreased administrative costs

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Worried about malpractice?
So are we.

Your fear of malpractice shouldn't stop you from making the best decisions for your patients.

We built Scriptulate from the bottom up to protect doctors from legal liability, so that you can focus on prescribing exactly what your patients need.

Opioids account for 5% of prescribed medications, but
of all medication-related malpractice.

Medication-related claims are the
most common cause of malpractice claims.

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