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Everything you ever wanted to know about controlled substances and the Scriptulate platform.

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PDMP Questions

Are you connected to my state's PDMP?

We are connected to every state PDMP, plus Washington, DC.

What if the PDMP is down?

We will continue to run the system multiple times. If it is down, there will be a time-stamped audit stating the attempt was made several times. Because most states require PDMP inquiry before writing any controlled substance, this due diligence is essential to have secured within your documentation.

I work in a state close to other states. Can Scriptulate provide PDMP information for all the bordering states?

YES- as long as your state has connectivity with the bordering states, which is available in most cases.

How is your PDMP report different from what I already have?

Scriptulate analyzes the patient’s opioids and controlled substance data from the state PDMP and provides graphical views over time 1.) opioid use, 2) potential doctor and pharmacy shopping, 3) identifying potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions, 4) view of all the controlled substances taken. This allows a prescriber to identify abuse and addiction risks and adjust the prescription accordingly. We do not require you to enter each patient’s information in the majority of cases. We will sync with your EMR calendar and pull the patients the night before. We also use PDMP data to send alerts on specific drug protocols to increase compliance of monitoring.

What if I see a point of concern on a patient's PDMP report?

You can annotate directly on the report. The whole purpose is to quickly identify inconsistencies early on, and your due diligence of noticing the problem will be documented. The graphs displays prescription filling trends for controlled substances for up to two years. Now, you do not have to shuffle through line-by-line data points, which can take hours.

Can I save both the state PDMP report and the Scriptulate report?

Yes. Once the state PDMP and/or the summary report is saved, this will be time-stamped and audited. In the case of an audit, you can request a summary or detailed report.

Integration and Functionalities

Is Scriptulate connected to my EMR?

Scriptulate is currently connected to Epic and Cerner, and we are working on to connect to more EMRs. If your EMR is not connected, we will work with your EMR to integrate. Typically it takes around four weeks.

Where do your checklists come from?

All the checklists are adapted from the latest national guidelines (FDA, CDC, VA, DOD) and specialty best practice guidelines. These checklists are dynamic, easy to do in just a few clicks, and designed to document your thought process and due diligence. All the checklists are saved, which can come in handy in the case of an audit.

Can I use custom checklists for my practice?

Yes. We will upload your checklists. We are always updating the checklists using the standard protocols and guidelines.

Can I upload my own Controlled Substance Agreement (CSA) or Pain Contract?

Yes. You also can use an FDA approved one. All the agreements/contracts are saved in one place and can be retrieved with the click of a button. We set an automatic reminder for renewal, and you have the ability to set reminders for renewals as well. Most states and boards require an agreement of some sort for any controlled substance. We make sure that this mandatory step meets all compliance requirements.

How does Scriptulate save my time and money?

Save administrative time on PDMP searches, UDT/Diversion, controlled substance agreement/contract renewals, reminders, and alerts. PEG score over time, MME over time, and even the PDMP summary graphs are useful when attempting insurance prior authorizations for a procedure, a specific medication, other modalities such as PT, OT, TENs unit, chiropractor referral by illustrating that the pain score is not improving despite current treatment.

Are my searches and work available to me if I switch or leave my practice in case of a future audit for a patient I saw years ago?

Yes. You can retain the information despite where you go next. In the case of an audit, we will be able to retrieve the relevant information with the click of a button. You have the option of a summary report or detailed report. This report will show UDT/Diversion checks, Checklists, PDMP state or summary reports searches, Notes, Pain contracts, Reminders, PEG Scores. For example, in 2025, you practice in a different state, and you get audited for a patient four years ago, which only asks for UDT for seven months. We will gather all the information relevant to that timeframe and provide you with a detailed report. Now- imagine having to call the medical records department, ask them to send you the chart, and having to fish through the pages to see where you documented the random UDT. You may need to spend days, not to mention the cost of obtaining the records and copies.

Can I select the timeframe for when I want a detailed audit for a particular patient?

Yes. You will be able to select the exact timeframe depending on the type of audit. The great thing is that you can get as much detail as you want, or a quick summary if that is all that is asked for. In essence, you can tailor the report to the type of audit or legal issue requested.

How do you reduce overprescribing?

1. Scriptulate collects, organizes, and analyzes a patient’s clinical data and presents the findings in the clinical setting allowing the prescriber to identify signs of abuse and addiction reducing overprescribing of opioids and other controlled substances. 2. We create random UDT and diversion check alerts to increase the chances of identifying potential abuse or diversion early on. 3. We create a PEG functional score over time to pick up on any trends early on in the process. 4. Scriptulate identifies cross reactivity of benzodiazepines and opioids to identify abuse and addiction. 5. We provide checklists to provide objectivity in a highly subjective decision process.

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