Prescribing is messy.
It doesn't have to be.

With Scriptulate's physician-designed user interface, you can be confident that your decisions are sound, comprehensive, and extensively documented.

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Doctor overwhelmed by PDMP compliance
Scriptulate integrated with EHR and PDMP

Integrate with your EHR, pharmacy software, and state PDMP

Multiple logins? Buffering systems? Ditch the post-its and join the 21st century with laser-fast connectivity.

We take care of downloading your PDMP ahead of time and importing your patient data. You focus on taking care of your patients.

Discover insights no one else can see

Analyze intelligently

PDMP reports are complicated. Sift through the chaos and discover important insights with Scriptulate's advanced PDMP intelligence.

Slash your liability

As soon as you check the PDMP, you're liable to understand all of the risks buried in it. With Scriptulate, you do.

Scriptulate PDMP analysis alerting doctor shopping and contraindication
Compliance checklists for opioids and controlled substances

Comply in a few clicks

Check to comply

Scriptulate boils down 100s of pages of regulatory guidance from the CDC, VADoD, and more into simple, easy-to-navigate checklists. Complete your checklists, stay compliant.

Streamline your processes

UDTs, substance contracts, diversion checks, PEG scores... bring everything you need to complete into one dashboard. We'll remind you when something needs to be done.

Pull reports on anything, any time

Prescribing responsibly won't protect you if you can't show your work. Pull custom compliance audits proving your due diligence at any time, with details you could never get from your EHR

For executives and administrators, explore your prescribing metrics to discover trends and ensure universal adherence.

Reporting tool for opioids and other substances

︁   Integrate

Scriptulate integrates with physicians' existing EHRs and state PDMPs to pull reports on patients before the provider steps a foot into the exam room.


Autoload appointment calendars


Connect to PMP Interconnect and RxCheck


Use your existing login credentials

➡︁  Streamline

Scriptulate simplifies all of the tools doctors need—like PDMP analysis, UDT requests, and diversion checks—and seamlessly combines them with workflows and checklists from the CDC, VADoD, and more.


Analyze and document your PDMP in minutes


Supplement your PDMP with workflows and compliance


Follow best practices from regulators

︁  Report

Every time a doctor or pharmacist views a PDMP report, calculates a PEG score, or completes any other workflow, Scriptulate automatically documents their due diligence behind the scenes. 


Prove due diligence with fast and nimble reporting


Monitor metrics across providers to ensure quality


Protect patient data with leading security practices

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