Free Tools for Providers

PHQ-2 & PHQ-9

CPT 96127

Behavioral health screens are an essential step for any patient considering controlled substances. With this short depression screen, you can document your due diligence before moving forward with treatment.

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GAD-2 & GAD-7

CPT 96127

Much like the PHQ-9, the GAD-7 is a behavioral health screening tool that can often be billed under CPT 96127. It is a vital tool to catch potential generalized anxiety early and quickly.

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Opioid Risk Tool

This simple checklist gives you and your patient a snapshot of their OUD risk. While very simple, the ORT can offer a baseline to identify potential risks of opioid treatment.

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Controlled Substance Agreement

Opioid agreements (also known as pain contracts) are a powerful tool to keep providers protected and compliant. This interactive opioid agreement ensures that patients fully understand their expectations and can note any points of concern.

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